Creating Inspiring Spaces

There aren’t two identical people, neither are there two identical homes. I help homeowners transform the space they live in and style it into an extension of their inner self.

Thus the space becomes a reflection of their character, be it either delicate or flamboyant


Dramatic living room

A couch in strong colours creates a perfect focal point in a room


Orchids will add elegance to any space

Original ambiance

Use unexpected combinations of ornaments, as sea and forest inspired, for an original ambiance

Relaxing bedroom

A boho-chic design in neutral colours will create a relaxing and stylish atmosphere in the bedroom without being overpowering

Come meet me up close

I am an interior designer with a heart for individuality of expression and colourful interiors

Roxana Rosmanitz

Interior Designer


I am proud to be a partner of Smile of Hope, a very deserving children’s charity who has been helping terminally ill children and their families for more than 10 years