Who am I? I am the Director, owner and interior designer of Orchid Interior Design. After more than 20 years of experience in the financial field I have been craving for an outlet for my creativity. I am an interior designer and lover of beauty who enjoys creating lively, colourful and elegant spaces. 

I have a passion for taking unloved and dated spaces and breathing new life into them; I enjoy making the home owners feel happy in their home environment and that their homes represent them.

I take a holistic approach to space; what its supposed to do, look like and feel like. I use art, colour therapy, smells, lighting, fabrics soft or harsh to the touch, I offer tips about decluttering,  creating a certain atmosphere, and employ intelligent solutions as creating an “easy-to-clean” house.

I integrate character features  design with modern design and suggest the best way to combine history, practicality and beauty.

With this in mind I will let you browse through my blog and hope you enjoy my ideas. And get in touch, I will be happy to hear from you.


I am pleased to be a graduate of the British College of Interior Design

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