Residential Interior Design

Have your entire property or only specific rooms redesigned to your taste. Your house should reflect your personality and make you feel at home.  

Home Styling

Add some elegant touches and instil new life into your home.

Building on the existent canvas of your home while retaining furniture or decor you hold dear. You can have the space adjusted to changing needs or give your home a complete

Residence Staging

Prior to selling or letting you should ensure your house looks its best to attract increased interest from buyers or tenants.

Creative Consultancy for Commercial Design

More than 20 years in the business environment has given me a clear understanding of the needs and wants of office workers. The work space is changing, and the creativity of interior design is more present than ever.

Design Process

1. Briefing

First I listen to you, the client. Listening and understanding the client’s needs and dreams is the first and foremost step of the process. This allows me to create the design concept.

2. Creating the Initial Concept

Pen comes to paper to create the first design as per the briefing. During this critical stage of the process I make sure your requirements come to life in spatial arrangements, colours, textures and furniture.

3. Concept Presentation

The concept is presented to you, the client, and it starts to take shape in your heart and mind. We will discuss the proposed design in detail and during this stage I will also be making any adjustments and prepare the final portfolio.

4. Sourcing

There is no interior design without furniture, fabrics, decoration, art. I will help you source and purchase all items which are part of the design.

5. Installation

The final stage of the design process. With the help of builders, decorators and newly purchased furniture, fabrics and decoration your home is transformed into your dream home.